The JNK Diet


Unexplained Weight Gain

The JNK Diet

You will be happy to know there is an explanation!

You may be an aerobic instructor working out for hours every day, you may have reduced your calorie count down to almost nothing but the weight gain is still happening. You may have, by shear luck, reached the point where the weight gain has stopped but nothing you do will get any weight off.

This diet is for you.

If you have used an antidepressant medication, an antipsychotic medication or several other prescription drug types, the drug has changed a balance in your body and until you rebalance a few areas, all of the exercise in the world and calorie counting will not help.

The culprit - a gene within our cells has become too active. It is not you!

You may be craving sweets now or craving any number of food types and that will go away when you follow this diet.

You may have lost weight for a week or two but eventually the weight loss stops and all too often the weight returns and usually more weight than you started with before the diet.

The JNK Diet is great for any person wanting to lose a few pounds or several pounds. However, this diet was created for those people that have tried most other diet programs and have not succeeded.

The JNK Diet Is Simple To Follow

You Do Not Starve

You Do Not Need To Be a Chef To Have a Good Meal

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