The JNK Diet


Foods to Avoid

This Picture may seem a little extreme to some of you, don't worry, you do not need to starve or give up everything.

When you start to cut out some things you commonly eat, the picture on the left does not need to be you! We promise.

Cut Out of Your Diet:

Have all of the fish you care to eat but no prepackaged frozen fish. The preservatives used in the packaging method greatly activates the JNK gene.

Refrain from food with preservatives as much as possible.

You might need to change some purchasing habits while shopping and the taste changes can be difficult with going to fresh food instead of canned items. Usually, after having 3 meals with the preservative free food your taste buds adjust just fine.

Many of you have a family and your family has likely protested every time you went on a diet. They need to eat food they like and so do you if a diet will ever work long term.

You should find most, if not all of our meal suggestions taste good as well are fill the stomach.

Before you go shopping at the store, plan out your meals for the week if possible. This helps you stop grabbing any old item from the shelves.

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