The JNK Diet


Foods to Eat

Fruits and Veggies

Is it a real surprise to see vegetables in the picture at the top of this page! It should not be. Something we have probably heard from our parents or we tell our children, "eat your vegetables."

Vegetables, the darker the better, stop the over activation of the JNK gene. You do not need to be a vegetarian to use this diet, but eating more veggies will help greatly! 

Eating meat or getting enough protein is also needed with the JNK Diet. You do not need to trim the fat off the meat but over indulgence of the fats will slow down the weight loss process.

Slow burning carbohydrates are also needed in the human diet. Eat plenty of brown rice, wild rice, beans, barley and other slow burning carbohydrates.

A note on veggies: Cruciferous veggies are great, but. This is a big but. If you are taking most antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication or an antipsychotic drug, this type of vegetable will make a liver enzyme before too active and this will make the drugs clear the body much faster and send you into withdrawals, even though you have not reduce the medication yourself. Go easy on these veggies and if you are going to eat them only do so at least 4 hours apart from the drug.

You do not starve yourself. If you do not eat enough food the JNK gene will remain over activated and beyond the loss of muscle mass you will not lose weight or size.

At each meal, you eat until you are full. Again, do not starve yourself. As time goes by you will see yourself getting completely satisfied with smaller portions of food. let this happen naturally.

Eat consistently Have 3 meals a day. Breakfast is a must. No more than 4 hours between each meal. Have a balanced meal each time. Protein, carbohydrate and fruit or veggies.

Eat to Survive - Do not Survive to Eat

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides excellent tips on eating to improve insulin resistance. You may not be diagnosed as a diabetic, but you have a ten-fold increased risk of becoming diabetic if you have taken an antidepressant. Click here and read at least the first page of the National Institutes of Health site regarding insulin and diabetes. It does apply to each and every one of you.

Not all of us have a problem with portion size, so we will not harp on that further. Just know, if you leave the dinner table and you are stuffed, you have eaten too much of the wrong foods if they were not veggies, slow burning carbohydrates and a protein.

These foods and spices will help inhibit the JNK gene:


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