The JNK Diet


What is the JNK Diet

JNK gene pictureThe JNK Gene You might start by clicking the picture on the left to enlarge the picture size. The brown circle on the lower half of the picture is nucleus of a human cell. Look just above the brown color and in the center you will see the JNK and how other pathways for substances must pass through the JNK to reach inside of the cell. Looking at the JNK on the picture, follow the line leading to the left that takes you to IRS1 and to the left of it is a yellow line leading to insulin signaling. This is the point within each cell where the JNK regulates insulin signaling. This is a key point of where the weight gain begins, especially if you have taken an antidepressant or other drugs.

Bringing the JNK gene back to balance is the JNK Diet.

The drug acetaminophen, found in Tylenol, causes damage because it activates the JNK gene.

You become exposed to certain herbicides and you later have Parkinson’s. The herbicides activated the JNK gene and the toxins in the herbicide were able to pass directly to the brain. The JNK enzyme called JNK3 leads directly to the brain and this JNK3 enzyme is what begins to kill and continually kill brain cells when left unregulated.

You start taking an opiate or painkiller. These drugs instantly activate the JNK gene and JNK3 enzyme. The JNK3 enzymes subsides after 14 days on the opiate but when a person begins to reduce or increase the dosage with this type of drug, the JNK gene becomes over active again.

Fibromyalgia is still not understood by the medical community completely. There are theories it starts from a trauma, either a physical or a mental trauma, while some experts suggest a virus of some sort is the cause of fibromyalgia. However, what is known is; the nerve pain associated with fibromyalgia is dependent on an over activated JNK gene.

For obesity to take place in the human body the JNK gene must first become over activated. That was confirmed by a research team at Harvard University in 2002.  

What Makes the JNK Gene Become Over Active?

Amphetamines (Includes ADHD medications and the street drug speed)


Antibiotics in our food


Cigarettes (they contain heavy metals and other toxins)


Fats in our food and cooking oil

Heavy metal, such as lead, mercury, nickel


Hormones in our food


Insomnia (chronic)


Opiates (Includes pain pills and common street drugs)

Over stimulated immune system


Preservatives in our food

Refined sugars

Stress (includes constant anxiety)


Ultra violet Light



More items will be added in the future

What Can Happen When the JNK Gene Stays Over Active?






Breast cancer

Cancer of all type






Immune system problems


Intestinal unbalance

Neurons die

Neurotransmitters no longer function properly






Skin cancer

Make a list of diseases from A-Z and you will find JNK has a direct role in the start of the disease or the spread of the disease in the human body.

What Happens When the JNK Gene is Not Over Active?

Health and Well Being

How Can a Person Stop the Over Activation of the JNK Gene?

Watching what you are exposed too and eliminating as many things as possible in the list above will certainly help.

Changing your diet will certainly help as well.

Removing stress from your life may be the hardest of all to accomplish but doing so will make a huge difference. Once you start feeling better with the JNK Diet and lose some weight, possibly this will overshadow part of the daily stress we can all feel.

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