The JNK Diet


How to NOT Eat

With almost anything in life, there is a way to do something and a want not to do something. Weight gain and weight loss fit this theory or datum as well.

There is hot and cold, light and dark, wet and dry, ways to gain weight and ways to lose weight.

The Sumo Wrestler is the perfect example to use for the opposite weight loss. Sumo's try and need to gain weight. Over the past centuries they have perfected the method of gaining weight.

If you are doing any of the basic steps a Sumo uses for weight gain you need to start doing the opposite.

  1. Skip breakfast. Sumo's never have a breakfast. After a night of sleep they avoid breakfast to keep their metabolic rate slow.
  2. Exercise on an empty stomach - With their metabolic rate still low since they avoided breakfast, their body will conserve fuel (fats).
  3. Take a nap after eating - The Sumo makes sure to take a nap after their meals. Napping after a meal will force the body to hold on to the fats.
  4. Only eat 2 meals a day - Avoid breakfast and eat 2 meals a day and make sure you are very hungry before a meal.

If you are doing any 1 item above you are doing the Sumo diet that is very successful when you want to gain weight.

This is how to become a diabetic, activate the JNK gene and die at an average age of 62-years of age.

Just be sure to do the opposite of the Sumo diet and you are one step closer to losing weight!


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