The JNK Diet


Your First Step

Insulin resistance is part of the reason you can't lose weight. Insulin needs to be able to go in and out of the cells as it desires, in a natural manner.

The picture on the left shows insulin and glucose attempting to get inside the cells. The cells can resist the intake of insulin and that unwanted process begins the spiral downward toward decaying health as well as weight gain.

If you have a checkup and some blood work done, the odds are high you are pre-diabetic at this point.

This just comes with the territory.

What happened inside your body before you reached this condition?

Something you were doing or were exposed too activated a gene and an enzyme called JNK. Before diabetes can start, this JNK must become over activated. All that happens later within the body is secondary to this JNK gene becoming overly active.

Your first step is:

  1. Reduce or completely stop eating or drinking things that continue to activate the JNK gene and JNK enzymes.

  2. Start taking a supplement that helps the body reduce the activation of the JNK gene and JNK enzyme.

  3. Stop taking any supplements that might be making the JNK gene and enzyme remain overly activated.

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